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Create your own word games!
New Word Game
Launch Super Word Games Creator
You can make Professional Word Games and we will help!
We create , , , , and  for you
just add your own words!

All you need is a little bit of creativity and we will do the rest
When you create one activity, we re-use the word list to make all six activities automatically!
  • You can save and edit your activities later
  • Activities can be shared with others
  • Print your activities
  • Access your puzzles form any computer
  • Works on Mac OS and Windows
  • Make puzzles for FREE using your web browser – nothing to download and install
  • Purchase when you are ready to unlock the advanced features
  • FREE Upgrades
 to get the full version of All Six Apps!

Who uses What are some great ideas for making puzzles?
  • Teachers, Professors, and other Educators create puzzles for review and test preparation.
  • Brides and Grooms make puzzles for their wedding reception and bridal showers. (And bachelorette parties too!)
  • Homeschoolers make puzzles to help their kids learn.
  • Mothers and Fathers make activities for baby showers.
  • Sunday School Teachers make games for their students.
  • Companies include puzzles in their marketing materials.
  • Bloggers make activities for their websites.
  • Writers include puzzles in their books.
  • Word Game Enthusiasts create puzzles just for fun!
  • Kids create word games for their aging parents to help keep them in good mental health .
  • Some people even create puzzles and sell them!

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We will do our best to make work for you
We are a small company that offers great customer service
If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact us for a refund

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