Tutorial: How to Use Super Word Search Maker to Make Word Searches

Making your own custom Word Search is easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add Words and Clues
  2. Customize your Word Search
  3. Download and Print your Word Search!

Step 1: Add Words and Clues

    Step 1 Instructions

  • Add your word and clue and then click the add button.

  • Continue to add words until you have a complete list.

  • To delete a word and clue, click on the red X next to the word and clue.

  • To edit words and clues, simply edit the text, it will automatically update.

  • The preview on the right will automatically change as you add words.

  • Want to copy and paste a list of words? Click on Import / Export.

  • When you have all the words you want, click "Customize".

How to add words and clues

Here's an example of the Crossword Preview:

(The preview will change with the type of word game you create.)
Crossword Preview Example
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Step 2: Customize

    Step 2 Instructions

  • Click on a yellow options header to start changing options.

  • Change whatever options you'd like to make your word game uniquely yours.

  • The preview will automatically update to reflect your customization. Your word game will look just like this when you print.
  • On the preivew, click "Solution"
  • To go back and edit words, click on "Add Words and Clues"

  • Ready to print or share? Click on "Download PDF and Print"

Customize your Word Game

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Step 3: Download and Print!

  • To print, download the word game as a PDF to your computer.
  • Then open the PDF (double-click on the file after you download it or choose open when downloading) and print it out.
  • Or, save it to a USB drive to print at work or email it!
  • Even upload it to your website to share with others.
  • PDFs ensure it will always print correctly on any computer.
  • Downloading and Printing full word games requires you to Purchase. See the Free Trial Limitations
Here's an example of the print page. The word game will look like the type of game you are making.
Print your Word Game

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Please remember to save your word game by clicking on the "Save" button!

This will allow you to edit your word game in the future.

You'll have to create a free account to be able to save word games so you can edit them in the future.
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